4 Ways FairPayDoctor.com Will Improve My Life

When you were 25, the world was your oyster. You were finishing up medical school and looking forward to that long white coat, a lifetime of job security and satisfaction, and untold riches. But somewhere along the way, something went awry. Now, 20 years later, patients prefer Doctor Google’s advice to yours, hospital administrators with nursing degrees and more letters behind their last names than letters in their last names tell you how to practice medicine, and anti-vaxxers have you scared to visit Brooklyn and other parts of the country.

So, what’s a doctor to do? Turn to Fair Pay Doctor, obviously. FPD will put more hair on your head, decrease your waist size, fatten your wallet, and make you more attractive.

What?, you say. Can that be? Can that really be so?

Yes, yes it can. Not directly, of course, but read on, fair reader, and see what FPD can do for you.

Job Selection

Are you looking for a new job? Fresh out of training or maybe moving to a new city? Luckily, it’s currently an employee’s market right now. Pick where you want to work based on whatever factors are important to you. Then look at FairPayDoctor’s database to see what the general salary and compensation ranges are for your field in that geographical area. Whether you are a family practitioner in New York or an interventional neurosurgeon in Nebraska, we have data for you. FPD also has job ads for those currently seeking to hire physicians.

Job Satisfaction

If you want to be at your job for a long period of time, surely you want to know if you’re a good fit. The problem is oftentimes you won’t get “real” and truthful information from your interview or from asking people already on the job after your interview. If they want another warm body to join them, they’ll be doing a sell job as soon as you walk in the door. FPD has genuine information and job reviews, including pros, cons, and ways to improve, for many practices and facilities across the country. These reviews aren’t just from disgruntled people like the ones you see on Yelp or Google, either, where there’s a strong selection bias from unhappy customers and patients. Instead, since everyone who completes a survey must fill out those sections, the information is more likely to be accurate and truthful. So read what people say, sort jobs by satisfaction rating, or even look up specific practices to see what current and former physicians have to say about their workplace happiness.

Increased Earning Potential

And then there’s that little issue of pay… How can FPD help here? Well, doctors from around the country are listing what they earn, how much they work, what benefits they get, including things like medical malpractice coverage and 401k contributions. There are other salary databases out there, sure, but they don’t give any raw, granular data (unlike FPD) and they cost an arm and a leg (FPD can be completely free). Yes, we’re looking at you, MGMA and AAMC.

Also, other databases have been criticized for providing outlandish salary info. Why would that be? Again, the info comes from self-selection. People have to choose to provide their job information, much like in the Yelp example. In the case of FPD, everyone provides salary details, so the accuracy in range is much higher.

Given that you can trust FPD’s info, you can look to see what others are making and negotiate accordingly.

Job Negotiation

Once you’ve gotten a few plum offers in hand, make sure you’re not getting the short of the stick from your potential new employer. To do this, you can utilize the Contract Review and Contract Negotiations services FPD offers. The prices are in line with or slightly cheaper than market rate and will ensure you have a seasoned lawyer reviewing your contract and negotiating on your behalf. Nothing will leave a bad taste in your potential employer’s mouth more than a new hire directly asking for the moon, so it’s always best to have an intermediary make requests on your behalf.

So there you have it! Get a better job, increase your happiness, and watch the hair/waist/wallet/attractiveness issues improve, all thanks to Fair Pay Doctor.

You’re welcome.

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