How Doctors are Faring in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus is creating a panic and disrupting life across the globe in all sectors of life and the economy. Information (and misinformation) is spreading just as fast as Covid-19. Personal protective equipment, ventilators, and hospital beds are in short supply and counterfeiters and scammers are making out like bandits. One of the very few benefits

Hospitalist Medicine: Data Summary

As of December 9, 2019, here are some interesting statistics that has gathered about the Hospitalist Medicine profession (data gathered from 5/15/19 to 11/27/19). Salary statistics for all hospitalist medicine physicians: Distribution of attending salaries: Salary statistics for permanent positions: If you found this entry interesting, then please help us improve the quality of

How to Reduce your Taxes

We at want not only to promote transparency in the physician job market, but also to help empower doctors. There may be no better way to do that than to put more money back into your pockets. With that in mind, we present here a guide to reducing your tax bill. We’ll split this into

What is Locums? How does it work?

Editor’s note: If you find this post interesting, then please view the searchable and sortable database at and contribute by completing a job review survey yourself! Due to the popularity of our most recent post, a lot of people have asked us what locums is. Here is a brief explanation. A locum tenens, or locums,

4 Ways Will Improve My Life

When you were 25, the world was your oyster. You were finishing up medical school and looking forward to that long white coat, a lifetime of job security and satisfaction, and untold riches. But somewhere along the way, something went awry. Now, 20 years later, patients prefer Doctor Google’s advice to yours, hospital administrators with